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21 March 2012
NEW!!! - Forum ACT Competition extended up to 31 may 2012

During the 13th Plenary Session of the Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities and the 1st Adriatic - Ionian Forum of Youth, held in Ancona on 14-16 December, it has been launched the international competition "CHANGE" within the project ACT-Adapting to Climate Change in Time.
Please note that the competition, which was due on 31.03.2012, has been extended up to 31.05.2012, in order to give the opportunity to all interested parties to complete the work and to send their application. The announcement of the competition is available on the Forum website and on the website of the project ACT
We remind you that the winner (school) will receive a supply of computer equipment for a value equivalent to 5.000,00 €.
We kindly ask our member cities administrations to distribute the notice to all interested schools (students 14-18 years old) and to inform them on new expiration date of the presentation of the works, i.e. 31.05.2012.
Kind regards,
Michele Brisighelli
Secretary General

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