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14-16 December 2011
FAIC Plenary Session: launched the "ACT Change"school competition

During the Plenary Session in Ancona (14-16 December 2011), the FAIC (Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities) presented the competition “CHANGE” to create a multimedia CD-Rom or DVD slideshow, addressed to hign schools students from cities involeved in the project ACT an cities-members of the Forum.
The "Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities", with the contribution of the European Community (LIFE+ Programme) in ACT Project, promotes an international competition reserved for students of secondary high schools for the creation of a Multimedia CD-ROM or DVD on the topic:
“The Climate Change Perception and understanding of the phenomenon Awareness of consequences and perspectives Proposals and adaptation strategies”.
The competition aims at raising public awareness on issues related to climate change produced by pollution and wild exploitation of resources of the earth, so that any citizen could put pressure on their governments to force them to promote appropriate policies to address the serious impact on the environment and find a remedy for it before too late. The competition is reserved for all educational institutions of higher education of the project partner cities, namely the Municipality of Bullas (Spain) and the member Municipalities of the "Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities" of Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania and Greece.
For more details see the brochure.
Download the text of the competition in your language

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