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03-05 June 2011
2nd World Congress on Cities and Adaptation to Climate Change in Bonn - Germany

The second run of Resilient Cities: world congress on cities and adaptation to climate change opened the 3rd June in Bonn Germany, welcoming 550 delegates, including mayors, governors, top UN officials and major stakeholders from around the world.
Mr. Cardinaletti, as project manager, presented ACT project during the Conference's Session “Cities in focus IV: Engaging stakeholders in resilience building” on 4th June.
The presentation titled “Towards an integrated adaptation policy for Mediterranean cities via a participatory process: The ACT project” focused on the participatory aspects of the project “Adapting to climate change in time” (ACT). The project aspires to demonstrate that through an inclusive and participatory process, shared by all local actors, it is possible to develop a local adaptation plan. Three pilot cities are currently involved in the project: Ancona (Italy), Patras (Greece) and Bullas (Spain). Project goals include developing a process for the creation of local adaptation strategies. This process will lead to the identification of areas of intervention and specific actions to undertake by directly involving a wide range of local actors that represent all sectors that will be affected by climate change (urban planning, constructions, water management, hydro-geological risk management, health, industrial risk management).

See, on the Resilient Cities 2011 website, the complete program and presentation and the photo & video gallery


Mr. Cardinaletti and the Mayor of Suwon (Corea)                                                                                                                                                                        during the Conference in Bonn

Mr. Cardinaletti and the Mayor of Suwon (Corea) during the Conference in Bonn

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