ACT Newsletter - Adapting to Climate change in Time

Ancona: step by step towards Local Adaptation Plan implementation

The results of ACT project and the Local Adaptation Plan of Ancona were presented by the project manager Marco Cardinaletti during the Resilient Ciities Congress 2013 - the 4th Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation, that took place on 31 May - 2 June 2013 in Bonn (Germany).

It is a strategic opportunity to create network, relationships with other cities and places and share experiences. The main topics of the conference include all the objectives of ACT projcet:
• Risk and vulnerability assessment
• Adaptation and resilience planning and policy making
• Multi-stakeholder and community-based collaboration
• Governance
• Implementing specific adaptation solutions
• Financing resilience
• Resilient Urban Food Systems

Diversity of thoughts and approaches is at the very core of the Resilient Cities congresses. Some experiences are illustrate in the Congress Report.
Participants coming from a wide array of backgrounds were given the opportunity to take an active part in exchanging strategies and sharing experiences:
• Mayors and Vice Mayors
• Councillors, Commissioners and Governors
• Chiefs of Sustainability Units
• Heads of Policy Development
• Directors of Urban Planning and Development
• Disaster Risk and Emergency Managers
• Directors of Resource and Environmental Development
• Water and Sanitation Specialists
• Global Climate Change and Adaptation Experts
• Urban and Regional Planners
• Senior Technical Advisors
• Consultants
• Civil Engineers
• Senior Finance Analysts
• Infrastructure and Utilities Managers
• Professors and Academia: urban development, town planning and engineering
• Private Sector Solutions Providers
• Development Banks and Financial Institutions
• International Organizations
• Municipal Associations and Networks
• Universities
• Think Tanks

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