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Bullas: winner of the Awards of Sustainable Development 2011

The Monitoring Commission of the Social Pact for the Environment chose the winners of the IV “Awards of Sustainable Development” of the Region of Murcia

The Commission of Monitoring of the Social Pact for the Environment, La Comisión de Seguimiento del Pacto Social por el Medio Ambiente, leaded by the secretary general of the Agriculture and Water Department, Mr. Francisco Moreno, selected the winners of the “Awards of Sustainable Development” addressed to honor the enterprises, institutions and groups which have developed environmental efforts beyond those required by the law.

That initiative started in 2002 under the name of “Awards of Environmental Quality and Sustainable Development for the Enterprise”. In November 2006, afther the approval of the Social Pact for the Environment they began to be called “Awards of Sustainable Development”, keeping all its categories and enlarging its coverage to institutions and other groups, consumers and journalists.

These awards have no economic funding, but winners receive a diploma with the possibility of disseminate the mention of the award in headed paper, advertisements and other documents, specifying the year of the award.

The Municipality of Bullas is among this year's awarded institutions, winner of the category of “Initiatives of Adaptation to the Impact of the Climate Change”, thanks to the work which is being developed for the elaboration of the Local Adaptation Plan to the Climate Change, in the framework of the European Project LIFE ACT, a great support to the work we are doing.

The Technical Commission of Monitoring of the Social Pact for the Environment is composed by representatives of the Regional Association of Enterpreneurs, Chamber of Commerce of Murcia, agrarian and enterprise organizations, main trade unions, universities, financial institutions, nature preservation groups, federation of residents associations, consumers organizations. Federation of Municipalities and the Regional Department of Agriculture and Water.

The jury of these awards also has a Technical Secretariat composed by professionals from the spheres of research, enterprises and the regional administration as well.

Pedro Garcia Moreno - Bullas Municipality

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