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Bullas Local Impact Assessment: in its final stage

Actions done by the Local Adaptation Board in a close collaboration with ISPRA are in the final stage. Last July 8th the last preview was provided, previously reviewed by the technical personnel of ISPRA with indications to be followed by the Board to complete the work.

In this way, thanks to this assessment we are going to know the degree of vulnerabilities of Bullas to the effects of the Climate Change. In addition, once the vulnerabilities have been identified we can tackle the challenge of the adaptation with a higher rigor and possibilities of success, taking advantage of its potential opportunities.

Therefore, the members of this Board, together with the politicians and the citizens as well will be able to know the ability of adaptation and about the focus on the different effects. In the case of Bullas, the Impact Areas which we are working in are those of Tourism, Agriculture (Wine), Soil, Infrastructures and Health.

To get all this, we have the collaboration of the Regulatory Board of the Wine Origin Denomination Area, the Bullas Wine Route Association and ISPRA, and especially with the involvement and efforts of the Local Adaptation Board, deserving a special mention the work of Ms. Isabel Costa Gómez as an external expert specialized in Climate Change.

Pedro Garcia Moreno - Bullas Municipality

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