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Adapting to Climate change: Strategies and experiences to increse cities recilience to climate change
Ancona 14th December 2010

Scientists, researchers, politicians from all around the world have met in Ancona on the 14th of December 2010 to discuss and confront on adaptation to climate change, presentingstrategies, models and instruments to tackle the problem (see the complete programme of the conference).

UNISDR, the UN Secretariat for International Disaster Reduction, attended the conference to officially present the new World Disaster Reduction Campaign 2010-2011: MAKING CITIES RESILIENT - World Disaster Reduction Campaign 2010-2011 (visit the website).


Morning: Plenary Session

8:45 Registration
9:45 Welcome and Conference opening

Fiorello Gramillano
Mayor - Municipality of Ancona

Sandro Donati
Councilor for Environment - Marche Region

Marcello Mariani
Councilor for Environment - Province of Ancona

María Dolores Muñoz Valverde
Deputy Mayor and Councilor of Local Development and Tourism of Bullas

Spyros Politis
Municipal Councilor of Patras and Member of ADEP Administrative Board
10:00 MichiKo Hama
The 2010-11 World Disaster Reduction Campaign “Making Cities Resilient: My City is Getting Ready!” slides
10:20 Official signature of the campaign UNISDR “MAKING CITIES RESILIENT” by the Mayors of the Municipality of Ancona (IT), Patras (GR) and Bullas (SP)
10:40 Marco Cardinaletti
Toward an Integrated Adaptation Policy for the Mediterranean Cities: the ACT project slides
11:00 Emilio D'Alessio
The outcomes of the COP 16 held in Cancun seen in the perspective of European cities and local authorities slides
11:20 Stefano Tibaldi
From climate change to adaptation plans and strategies: global issue, local interventions slides
11:40 Agostino Miozzo
General overview on the environmental issues characterizing the Italian territory
12:00 Ewa Ciuk-Jackson
Changing Climate, changing communities: the ICLEI Guide and Workbook for Municipal Climate Adaptation slides
12:30 Guido Fioravanti
Baseline climate scenarios for the ACT project slides

Afternoon: Parallel Sessions
Adaptation in practice, a challenge for the whole community

Session A: Resilience thinking for an innovative policy making at urban level


Michiko Hama
Programme Officer United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR)


Federica Appiotti
Changing policies in a changing climate slides

Emanuele Burgin
The role of local networks to promote strategies for adaptation to climate change

Maria Berrini
Toward a integrated system for urban management - From the MUE25 project to CHAMP slides

Mauro Bigi
Private-public partnership for climate responsibility: the LIFE LACRe project slides

Maurizio Ferretti
Regional actions for managing risks of Climate Change: methodologies and tools

Antonio Ninivaggi
Making a City Adaptation Policy for managing environmental and Climatic risks at local level

Session B: From development to implementation of a Urban/Local Adaptation Plan. Methods and best practices


Ewa Ciuk-Jackson
Acting Director - ICLEI Canada


Marco Calligaro
Francesco Vascellari
Communicating what's happening: the experiences of the Civil Protection in the City of Venice slides

Fausto Marincioni
Aniello Russo
Hazard, Vulnerability and Risk Mapping to facilitate Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Actions in Northern Vietnam slides

Anna Celenza
The experience of the Municipality Genova: The GRABS project slides

Kirsi-Marja Lonkila
Adapting to climate change in the Baltic Sea Region - Experiences of the BaltCICA project slides

Claudio Baffioni
The path of the Municipality of Roma toward adaptation slides

Stefano Cardellini
Adapting to landslide: the experience of the Municipality of Ancona

Session C: Assessing and evaluating the economic impacts of Climate Change at urban level: a cost-benefit analysis for a local adaptation strategy


Alessio Capriolo
Responsible of the sector for Economic and environmental assessment of ISPRA


Céline Gimet
Evaluation of the economic impacts of extreme events in Mediterranean countries

Enrica DeCian
The economic impact evaluation of climate change slides

Francesca Severini
Environmental tax reform and double dividend evidence slides

Margaretha Breil
Impacts from climate change, some insights into the Venitian case slides


17:00 Conclusion and sharing of the “key advises” coming from the three Parallel Sessions - Plenary Session

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